Here’s the stuff I’ve published. If for whatever reason you want a copy of anything, swing me an email at and I’ll get it to you.

I also do some non-academic writing through my tinyletter, mainly describing encounters with birds and good stuff I’ve recently read.

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  • Frazer, R. 2017. Living arrangements of care in community-based support for humanitarian entrants. Institute of Australian Geographers conference. University of Queensland, Brisbane.
  • Frazer, R. 2016. Volunteering, uncertainty, and assemblages of care. State University of New York, Albany.
  • Frazer, R. 2016. Assemblages of care and volunteer engagement in refugee resettlement. Institute of British Geographers conference. Royal Geographical Society, Kensington.
  • Frazer, R. 2016. Thinking care through assemblage: ethological effects and ethics. Institute of Australian Geographers conference. University of South Australia, Adelaide.
  • Frazer, R. 2015. The Forgotten Children: Containing the “Tsunami of Emotion”. Institute of Australian Geographers conference. Australian National University, Canberra.

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